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I started programming in BASIC when I was maybe 12 or 12 years old and quickly got into it, later my parents bought our first computer on which I started to get on the next level but struggled due to lack of available resources, tired of waiting to learn something from school about programming I taught C myself with the help of some open source projects on the Internet (with an horribly slow 56k dialup connection) and some tutorials.

Years later I finally joined a programming class but it was already too late, I went there just for my skills to be recognized and to get the diploma, it was fun though.

When I first discovered ruby Ruby on Rails was not released and I think ruby 1.8 was just recently released but I am not too sure about that, anyway since the first day I touched ruby I fell in love with it and did not stopped using it since then everywhere I can :)

Loving ruby does not prevent me to try other things, I really enjoy playing with new technology/software to better under them and see if I can put them to use on a project whether it is a personal or professional one.
I also learnt some other languages for the same reasons, for now: C, BASIC, python, ruby, erlang, lua, javascript and I am sure I forgot some.


I graduated from SUPINFO Paris in 2007 and after that I joined a small french company as a ruby developer where I am still working today.